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MINDNOTICE envisions a future with reduced industrial accidents, where advanced technology ensures worker safety every day. Our revolutionary solution, with advanced sensors and AI algorithms, detects potential hazards in real-time, preventing injuries and saving lives on construction sites and in industrial workplaces. Invest in us to help revolutionize safety and efficiency and build a safer, more productive, and more profitable world for all.

"Revolutionizing Industrial Safety:

MINDNOTICE - Protecting Lives, Enhancing Efficiency."

Affect loss in the construction process

● Construction site accidents and safety incidents - 2-3%

● Material waste and theft - 5-10%

● Labor inefficiencies - 10-15%

● Equipment breakdowns and maintenance - 2-3%

Safety as a Service ( SaaS)

Monitor - advanced sensors and AI algorithms detect potential hazardous scenes and processed them locally for real-time response 24/7/365

Diagnose & Alert - Mindnotice AI analyses the scene and recognizes/distinguishes between hazards to valid situations.

Guide - AI insights and expert support enable users to prioritize and plan site safety management

Act - Users collaborate to act on guidance to improve site safety management

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Construction Made Safer By Mindnotice

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